ZilLearn is a content creation studio with powerful tools to create dynamic, online courses.

ZilLearn is building a global knowledge-sharing community by harnessing the power of EdTech & talent for a zillion possibilities.

What We Do

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You don’t need design or development skills to create and publish amazing courses online. 

ZilLearn is a teaching, learning and skills-building network that connects people. We believe that every person in the world should have affordable access to knowledge so they can reach their full potential. By harnessing the power of technology, we can make teaching and learning content scalable, sustainable and adaptable to every person.

Teachers and knowledge experts, regardless of their technology savviness, will be able to reach and impact more learners, transcending geography, language, and culture.

By bringing knowledge experts and keen learners everywhere in the world together, we can build and support a community that inspires and be inspired.

ZilLearn’s Foundations


Everyone should have the right to quality learning content.


Using technology to create a teaching and learning network that will accelerate knowledge sharing at a global level by empowering course creators and learners. 


A teaching network where knowledge is openly exchange and can be locally-adapted to ensure it remains relevant and meaningful to the community.

David Yeo, Founder

“At ZilLearn, we aim to break the barriers to education and ensure that everyone – regardless of geography, language and context – has access to learning. We strongly believe that technology is an integral part of this transformation.”


We are creating a global community of people who love knowledge. By bringing together a zillion knowledge experts and curious learners, we’re making it simple for people to pursue or share their passions.

ZilLearn is a global platform that connects experts and learners from around the world. We continuously look to provide a wide range of power-packed features and work hard to ensure that our platform remains an exciting and safe space for knowledge sharing. We are committed to ensuring that our tools are easy to use, seamless, and functional, so that you can focus on what’s important to you – sharing and gaining knowledge. Our promise is to make technology an integral and crucial part of your journey as you pursue your passion. Our mission is to build a teaching and learning network that will form One Community.


We believe that life is more fulfilling when we are constantly learning. We believe that humans are innately curious and they thrive when they discover new things. In a world where people are turning inward, we believe that learning from each other will create countless benefits for us all.

We live in a future-faster world. Along with the advancement of technology, we believe that people should remain our greatest asset. Our mandate is to challenge ourselves every day to push the boundaries of teaching and learning. By harnessing the power of technology, we break the barriers to education and ensure that people from all over the world have free and unlimited access to knowledge.


If you believe that we can use technology to shorten the bridge between people and knowledge, we believe in that too.

If you’re passionate about building a teaching and learning network where knowledge can be shared and exchanged openly, that’s our passion too.

If you have a talent or a skill set that you would like to contribute as we push the boundaries of teaching and learning, we have a space for you.

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