ZilLearn Launches Learning Networking Service to Support Remote Teaching
Published: May 19, 2020

AI-driven platform with integrated smart tools are available to all users to create, publish, and share digital courses seamlessly

SINGAPORE – May 14, 2020 – Singapore-based technology company, ZilLearn, today officially launched its global teaching and learning platform at one of the largest online summits for the learning community, EdTechX Summit 2020.

ZilLearn, an AI-driven platform, is packed with smart tools that enable users like teachers and knowledge experts to start their own channels. They’ll be able to create, publish, and share courses with their learners and followers remotely, quickly, easily, and affordably. With an integrated payment gateway, users will also be able to sell their courses.

“When schools and organizations were closed due to the global pandemic, teachers, educators and knowledge experts have had to quickly transition and kick-start their online teaching to ensure that their students and learners’ studies are minimally disrupted. They had to adopt various tools and apps to conduct their lessons. This can be very challenging for users who aren’t used to using them, especially together,” said David Yeo, Founder and CEO, ZilLearn.

“It’s with these users in mind that I’ve built ZilLearn. I wanted users to be able to create, host, teach and engage with their learners and community all on one platform,” said Yeo.

Supporting educators during this global pandemic

ZilLearn will offer support to registered teachers and educators who are looking for a more integrated, seamless, and user-friendly solution to transition from in-class teaching to virtual classrooms. Instead of adopting multiple apps and platforms to deliver a course, they can

  • build their own channel on ZilLearn
  • create and publish courses that include texts, images, videos (with the option to integrate PowerPoint slides), audio files, quizzes and assignments

Registered teachers and educators can contact ZilLearn to enjoy their Standard Plan (valued at USD12.99/mth) for free till 31 December 2020. ZilLearn will also provide on-boarding support for educators to quickly create and publish their courses and lessons. More information is available here.

“We want to help as many teachers as possible during this tough time because the work they do is invaluable. ZilLearn is founded on the belief that every person in the world should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Now, more than ever, we want to help these teachers and educators embrace technology so that the 1.57 billion students that have been affected by school closures can continue to have access to learning,” continued Yeo.

For media queries, please contact: Meilin Wong, meilin.wong@ZilLearn.com, +65 9819 1532

About ZilLearn

ZilLearn is on a mission – we want every person in the world to reach their full potential by empowering them with knowledge.

It is a seamless learning network service of semi-structured user-generated knowledge that is created for teachers and knowledge experts to benefit students and learners around the world. The ZilLearn platform is packed with integrated smart features and tools that enables teachers and knowledge experts to create their own learning space (channels) to teach and communicate with their community, remotely, quickly, easily, and affordably.

By harnessing the power of technology, we can make teaching and learning content scalable, accessible and adaptable to every person. Teachers and knowledge experts will be able to reach and impact more learners, transcending geography, language, and culture.

By bringing knowledge experts and keen learners everywhere in the world together, we can build and support a community that inspires and be inspired.

To learn more or sign up for your own channel, please visit us at zillearn.com or watch us here.

Published: May 19, 2020