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ZilLearn Skills was birthed from the Singapore Emerging Stronger Taskforce’s vision to have a learning and skills credentials platform that curates the best global content, credentialises skills and connects Singapore and the globe to relevant talent and skills

Identify Skill Gaps. Stay Ahead of the Curve.

Analyze your CV. We look at your past work experience and make smart learning recommendations based on real-time job market data from Singapore and globally. 

Learn In-Demand Skills. Excel in Your Career.

Personalized learning pathways to fulfill your aspirations, whether it’s moving up the career ladder or landing that dream job.

Optimize your Learning Experience. Track Your Progress

Connect with the right learning opportunities and content. From our database of over 57,000 courses, discover the most relevant and engaging learning content from leading experts and education providers.

Uncover Growth Opportunities.
Realize Your Potential

Stay up to date with career opportunities that interest you. Explore opportunities for personal growth based on your strengths and aspirations.

Know yourself

Your experience gave you skills. Now bridge your skills gaps and achieve your next career milestone. Get to that target job role.

Gain insight

Into job market demand for any industry

Build the right skill sets
and expertise.

The world is constantly changing. Future-proof your career with us today

Chart a personalized
learning path

With courses to upskill & reskill. Let us help track your personal growth

Are you ready to make your next career move?

The world's first "Netflix of Learning", personalised for your career advancement needs

"Our AI-driven skills advancement and coaching provides personalized learning recommendations to keep your skills in sync with workforce demands."



3.4 million

Gobal job postings tracked



“This platform gives me confidence to know where I currently am and whether I am ready to move to the next level of my career.”​


Jane, 36

Data Analyst

ZilLearn Skills helps to understand yourself. You know where your strengths and weaknesses are. And you can take courses to enhance and improve your weaker points which helps you in your life and career

Michael, 58

Former Pilot



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